How To Be Fit On September 30-National Women’s Health & Fitness Day?

Women's Health

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Fitness is primary to all of us.  As this is extremely important, we do need to focus on this aspect on this day that is termed National women’s health fitness & day on September 30 and beyond. This is something we all do owe ourselves. For if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? This is certainly something worth exploring.

Myths And Fallacies That We Need To Remember On National Women’s Health And Fitness Day

Women's Health

Fuel your body properly We often eat less to lose weight. This is actually incorrect. This is more applicable to woman as they often feel they need to become thin and sometimes even size zero. This shall certainly perhaps make them skinny but certainly not fit.  This is why one needs to eat healthy and never diet irrationally.

In fact, to lose weight, women should not focus on eating less. For better overall health and fitness, one should focus instead on losing fat and building muscle. To accomplish this goal, one needs to avoid junk food and fuel one’s body with plenty of healthy choices like high-quality protein, fruits, and vegetables. This indeed is bound to make our body function well.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes : 

Women's Health

Heels are an absolute no-no. Even shoes that look good but are not comfortable are to be avoided. For everyone is  unlikely to step up their exercise if one’s feet are killing us. From the first step we take, our shoes should feel good. To get the right fit, we need make sure our shoes have enough room for comfortably wiggling our toes. We all must essentially remember comfort is more important than style for all of us

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Drink More Water 

Women's Health

We have heard it before, but getting enough water is critical for our overall health. With 75 percent of the population not getting enough water on a daily basis, it’s clear that the message isn’t getting through. Medical experts recommend 10 cups of water per day. Failing to get enough can result in health problems, including high blood pressure, kidney disease, headaches, and weight gain. 

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Get Support With Sports Bras

Women's Health

The importance of the right sports bra cannot be overstated. It can mean the difference between successful workouts or suffering and ultimately giving up exercise altogether. Make sure your bra is form-fitting but gives you room to expand your ribs. Look for soft compression fabrics for comfort. 

Use a sunscreen Moving outdoors gets you much-needed fresh air and exercise. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to the sun’s damaging rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation advises the use of a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher during outdoor activities. 

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Snooze, Snooze, Snooze

Women's Health

Don’t miss your nap. This is not lazy but healthy. Sleep deprivation can damage your health in a number of ways. In the short term, it can decrease memory and alertness, harm relationships and increase the risk of accidents. In the long term, problems can include heart attack and stroke, obesity and mental impairment. Most adults do need seven to nine hours of sleep.

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Find A Satisfying Career 

Women's Health

Research suggests a link between health and job satisfaction. If our career needs a boost, consider additional education that can assist you with moving into a fulfilling line of work that supports our health and allows us to help others.

Move Towards Complete Wellness This National Health And Fitness Day

Women's Health

For many women, looking after others is a way of life. Whether it’s tending to children, caregiving for aging parents, maintaining a household or enduring a grueling work schedule – women tend to have a lot on their plates.

Often, busy schedules result in a lack of self-care, which can compromise women’s health. At Concorde, we know how important health care training is because it’s our passion.

We not only teach it, but we also try to live it. Some days were better than others, but we know that we can’t do it alone! With National Womens Health & Fitness Day being in September, it’s a great time to celebrate women and take a look at their different routines and plug the holes that can compromise health. Our health does indeed looking after as it would benefit all.

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Keep It Doable

Women's Health

Many fitness resolutions failed because they aren’t smart? Jami Frazier, Senior Vice President of Operations, makes sure that doesn’t happen. She makes sure her goals are strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

or Kimberly Rolfe, Assistant Director of Nursing at Concorde San Bernardino campus, the key is all about her approach. “I really just try to walk to places I might normally drive,” she said, “I will walk the kids to or from school depending on my schedule… In the grocery store, I walk up and down every aisle, whether or not I need something from it.

When I do drive, I park far away. At dinner time, I set the table one item at a time. This adds a lot of steps walking back and forth to the table.” 

We all must see what is easy for us for us so that we can do this regularly. This is not difficult but we only need to work on this. There are many options we could explore. We have stated many options.

One could follow what suits us but we do need to make note of the basics of fitness so that we could remain in the right zone of fitness, for what we neglect could have serious consequences and it might become too late to set it right.

All these things are doable for all of us. If we do this regularly, it would become a part of lives. This is a simple gift that we can give ourselves for we all have only one body, after all.


More than anyone else, we alone can take care of ourselves. Let us begin doing so this beginning this September 30th, the National Womens’ Health and Fitness Day…Happy Fitness to all.

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