How Coronavirus affects high blood pressure patients?

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Beginning from Wuhan province of China, coronavirus has taken the whole world by a storm.

The pandemic is affecting every nation and state, with the majority of them under quarantine.

Many countries around the globe are suffering because of this outbreak.

\With no vaccine invented until now, doctors are examining the connection of the Covid 19 virus underlying diseases and medications.

One such study is going on the link between this coronavirus and hypertension.

According to the Lancet, the patients with high blood pressure are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 infection as ACE2-increasing drugs are used in their treatment.

Hence, they ought to be observed for ACE2-modulating medicines, for example, ARBs and ACE inhibitors.

There is still uncertainty between the harm and benefit of ARBs and ACE inhibitors concerning coronavirus.

Why There is a Connection Between Both the Diseases?

Hypertension for decades proves to be connected with several acute diseases like heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

Now it has got a new connection – the novel coronavirus.

While the most common complication of the coronavirus is pneumonia, but it can harm the cardiovascular system as well.

Henceforth, people with an acute condition – high blood pressure are in danger of the severity of the infection.

According to the reports, medical health practitioners have distinguished high blood pressure as a key critical factor in this condition, which results in distress and death in Covid 19 patients.

This virus can also directly weaken the heart.

Hence, it is hazardous if the impacts of hypertension had already damaged your heart.

The coronavirus infection may lead to heart muscle inflammation known as myocarditis.

This condition makes it difficult for the heart to pump sufficient blood.

Research Reports

China and Italy presented the data that shows complications as well as high risk of Covid 19 infection in people with hypertension.

Here are some of the excerpts from proven studies by far:

  • The connection between hypertension and Covid 19 patients in China ranges from 25 percent to 50 percent of people, along with diabetes, lung disease, or cancer. One of the topmost Chinese intensive care doctors anecdotally reported that he, along with other doctors, saw high blood pressure common in nearly half of the 170 who died in January in Wuhan.
  • Data by a chief epidemiologist Zunyou Wu, says that above 40 percent of people with severe Covid 19 disease were suffering from high BP.
  • Also, in Italy, 76 percent of coronavirus patients had hypertension. After China, Italy is facing the worst situation due to this virus as the country listed 70065 active cases and 10,023 fatalities to this date.
  • Doctors and researchers both are working to resolve if the rise in dangerous coronavirus disease in those with baseline hypertension is due to general ailing health and age, or due to ACE2 receptors that play a role in Covid 19 and high blood pressure alike. Further, if the connection shows to be positive, they are trying to understand, either ACE inhibitors are harmful or helpful for people at the highest risk for serious coronavirus infection.
  • The risk of hypertension rises in elderly patients with about two-thirds of people of 60 years+ age catching this virus. Similarly, Covid 19 disease has also proved to cause more serious symptoms in older people. Aging along with this long-term medical condition, weaken your immune system. Thus, it is poorly efficient to combat the infection. The consequence of this relation is distress and death in people suffering from Covid 19 disease.

Treatment of Covid 19 Infection

Quarantine is the foremost approach to save coronavirus patients.

Even though no proper vaccine is invented yet, research is still going on.

The extended viral shedding, as per research, has significant associations for antiviral treatment and isolation regulations in confirmed COVID-19 infected patients.

Effective antiviral treatment might improve results in COVID-19 patients.

However, in the study, they did not note the shortening of viral shedding time limit after this therapy.

Additionally, the experts from the British Health Foundation announced after studying the scientific information on insufficient evidence to support speculation that angiotensin receptor blockers and ACE inhibitors boost the odds of critical coronavirus diseases.

In fact, according to Chinese researchers, the possible outcomes and safety of antihypertension treatment with an angiotensin-receptor blocker and ACE inhibitors in novel coronavirus patients need careful consideration.

More evidence is yet required. However, it is apparent that not taking your medicine could be risky enough to make your health worse.

Besides, the researchers advise that a negative test for COVID-19 is necessary prior to the discharge of the infected person from the hospital.

Precautions for Hypertension Patients

Individuals suffering from medical conditions like hypertension require extra precautions during this endemic infection. Follow these measures:

  • Wash your hands well more often.
  • Keep your high blood pressure medications handy.
  • Maintain a distance from sick people.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Consult your doctor to create a plan in advance.

Thus, depending on the current reports and studies, we can say it is better to take extra care of yourself in case you already suffer from high blood pressure.

It will keep you safe during this novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Bottom line

As more research surfaces, scientists, as well as medical health practitioners, will concentrate on what’s transpiring between both these conditions.

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