Heart Problems In Women:Signs Of Heart Problems In Women

Heart Problems in women

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“Heart Problems in Women”, these words don’t seem to bother anyone at this point of time but If I ask you about your heart condition, can you be 100% sure that your heart is in a perfect shape and doesn’t seek any attention?

Heart Problems in women

That’s what I thought. You can never be too sure about your heart’s health condition and believe me when i say it, don’t just brush aside your heart problems cause when you’ll realize the importance of a healthy heart, it just might be too late.

Heart Problems Are More Severe Than You Actually Think

In spite of the fact heart is something that needs primacy over everything else yet heart problem is one of the most overlooked health conditions.

People seem to believe this purported myth that heart issue gives you enough time to act but believe me when i say it, those alarming chest clust followed by a fall to the ground, shown in the Hollywood movies are way far fetched from reality.

Some heart symptoms don’t even occur in the heart, so it’s always imperative to look after your heart conditions.

People often mistake heart disease to be more of a problem for men, however it’s the most common cause of death for both men and women. Even some heart problems in women are more different than mens.

Signs Of Heart Problems In Women

Heart Problems in women

Most of the women aren’t even aware of the deadly diseases a damaging heart can precipitate, until they confront an emergency such as heart attack. But it’s necessary to be aware of the acute symptoms so that you can prepare yourself for every worst situation.

Symptoms Of Heart Problems In Women Include :

  • . Chest pain or discomfort which can be either sharp or dull and heavy (angina).
  • . Pain in your neck or throat
  • . Upper back pain
  • .Nausea
  • .Shortness of breath
  • .Uncanny fatigue
  • .Pain in upper abdomen
  • .General weakness
  • .excessive sweating
  • .Indigestion

These symptoms can be severe as well as vague sometimes. It doesn’t always come with formidable chest pain, in a matter of fact, some heart diseases don’t even cause any chest pain.

These signs of heart problems in women can also lead to heart attack and women are believed to be more prone to heart attacks than men.

These symptoms of heart problems in women can occur at any point of time. It can occur in your free time as well as your working hours but women are more prone to heart problems in women when resting  or sleeping  than men.

Because women don’t always recognize their symptoms as those of a heart attack and also because their symptoms differ from mens.

Do you know women have less probability of getting diagnosed with heart disease than men’s?

So, severe or not, evading any kind of symptoms of heart problems in women can be deadly. So make sure you call for emergency medical help at the first sign of heart problem. And most importantly don’t be late to react.

“If you’re not sure, get it checked out,” says Charles Chambers, MD, director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular Institute.

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Heart Problem Risk Factors For Women

Heart Problems in women

Several risk factors for coronary artery disease such as : diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, affect women and a few of them play a major role in the development of heart diseases in women health.

Risk Factors For Heart Problems In Women Include :

  • 1. Diabetes : It’s believed that women with diabetes are more prone to heart diseases than other women and men. The pain precipitated by diabetes higher your chances of getting a heart attack.
  • 2. Mental health : Depression in women can lead them in this deadly trajectory. While men suffer from mental illness too but it’s women who have a higher chance of getting heart diseases through mental illness.
  • 3. No activity : Due to women being less active than men in their daily life, they are more vulnerable to a heart attack than normal men.
  • 4. Smoking : Smoking is one of the substantial risk factors and is causing millions of people to procure deadly heart diseases. Smoking is believed to be more of an acute risk factor for women than men.
  • 5. Pregnancy : If you get affected by high blood pressure or diabetes during your pregnancy then you are at a higher risk of gaining these diseases  for a long term stint and that can make you more likely to get heart diseases.

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What Can You Do To Lower Your Chances Of Getting Heart Problems?

Heart Problems in women

1. Eat a healthy diet : Consuming trans fats, high amounts of salt or added sugars regularly is equivalent to stabbing a knife in your heart. If you wanna take care of your heart then please adhere to a healthy diet plan.

That includes : Vegetables, fruits, low fat or fat free dairy products, lean meats.

2. Exercise on a daily basis : It is essential to put your body into work if you wanna avoid heart problems in women. A dull and sluggish lifestyle will higher your chances of catching formidable heart diseases.

3. Don’t stress, give your body some relaxation : Stress can cause you arteries to tighten, which makes you more prone to terrible heart diseases.

4. Don’t smoke : If you’re not a smoker then don’t even step foot in this horrible trajectory just to look cool. This path is better unexplored for the sake of your heart.

Smoking damages your blood vessels and other effects of smoking on your heart are :

  • Coronary heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Peripheral artery disease

5. Take your instructed medicines  : Its never too late to prevent any kind of heart disease if you adhere to your prescribed medicines. If you’re witnessing early symptoms then contact a doctor immediately.

6. Limit alcohol : If you’re a drinker and cant refrain yourself yourself from drinking then just try to confine your daily drink habit to one drink a day.

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