Give Me 10 Minutes; I’ll Give You The Truth About Health Wellness And Fitness

health wellness and fitness.

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“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”  Health Wellness And Fitness 


Edward Stanley very well said it, and he here clearly meant that you need to focus on your fitness routine for good health. Today we all live a sedentary life in which we go to our offices, come back home, eat to our stomach full, and then sleep for 2-3 hours. All of this looks very easy and comfortable today, but you may not know that this will pile up and become a problem for you in a few years. Therefore, all of us need to focus on our health wellness and fitness. When living in a society, we hear lots of things from people around us. There are lots of theories, objectives, and logic given by all of them. 

Today in this article, we will be taking you through some very important facts that you need to get cleared off. So, as said, give me your ten minutes, and I will brush off your doubts about health wellness and fitness. Let us dive into it!!!

Drink Water for Health Wellness And Fitness

health wellness and fitness

You must have someone who would have for once said that you need to drink eight glasses of water every day. But truly speaking, this is a myth. By this, it doesn’t mean that you need not drink water, but the amount of water that you should depends on various factors. From your weight, BMR, to your lifestyle, many things comprise, and then it is to be decided how much water you are supposed to consume. The best way to tell is to have a sneak peek at the color of your urine. If it is dark, then instantly increase the amount of water. But honestly, do not go by the fact that drinking water is just enough for staying fit. 

Always Have Some Room For Desserts

health wellness and fitness

People who say that eating a dessert is a no-no; they should better not spread this wrong message. As per the experts, our body requires every source of energy in bits for health wellness and fitness. This is why you need to have something sweet in a small amount every day. It will keep your sugar level balanced and not let it go below the range. 

Juices Do Not Detox You

health wellness and fitness

Anita Bryant said, “Breakfast without Orange juice is like a day without sunshine”. On a scale, we can say that she was right, but this is applicable only for the homemade juices and not the canned ones. If you are thinking that drinking a glass of juice helps you detox yourself, then leave that thought of yours. It is because you are just drinking a high-sugar, extensive vitamin, and low-protein liquid. And basically, the truth is that our body already has a detoxifying system. Morton E. Tavel quoted that “the basic concept of detoxification is flawed today, as our natural body organs such as kidney and liver can remove the toxins on their own”. So better shun on your juices and start making some homemade smoothies with good fibers.

Add Exercise To Your Schedule

health wellness and fitness

We do not say to exercise for like twice a day; rather, our focus is to maintain health wellness and fitness. For this, you need to assure yourself that you add at least three days of exercise in a week. The experts claim that working out only thrice in a week can decrease cardiovascular disease chances by 41%. From strolling in the park to doing yoga or having some work out sets, anything will do. But make sure that you do it for a living a healthy life.

Give Time To Yourself

health wellness and fitness

When we all are hustling to work and putting in our every minute to work, it becomes important to hold down and sit. We all have seen plenty of people around us, asking to do hard work and stay motivated. But the way you work hard also matters a lot. One cannot expect to work for 20 hours a day and then again wake up fresh in the morning. This is a threat to health wellness and fitness. So, always ensure you spend some time with yourself. Sit and relax your body, learn new things, meditate, and let yourself loose. This will not only keep you healthy physically but also nurture you mentally. 

Have A Good Night Sleep

The eight hours sleep theory is not at all a lie or myth. As they say, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything”. It is of utmost importance for all of us to ensure that we take out our 7-8 hours of sleep. Our body demands energy to rest, and not getting enough sleep will make your life worst. Not only will it affect you physically, but it will tarnish your mental health. Annoyance and frustration will become a part of your life. So, try hard to make a schedule that provides you with 7-8 hours of sleep every day

health wellness and fitness

These were health wellness and fitness that per se will help you live a good and happy life. We all need to make sure that we swear by them so that there comes no point in our life when we regret not starting it soon. Not being able to take out time or I don’t think it is necessary for me; these are just excuses that we tend to make for not doing something.

So, guys, it is better that after knowing all this, you should start today. Make a schedule, follow the plan, eat a balanced diet, sleep properly, and live a good life. In the end, we can sum it up by saying, “Each new day is a new opportunity to improve yourself. Take it. And make the most of it.” Go ahead and start you first step towards health and fitness today!!

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