Health Is Wealth: 10 Golden Rules For A Longer, Healthier Life

Health is Wealth

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“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We have all stumbled upon this adage sooner or later and we are all familiar with the quote “health is wealth” but let’s be honest, do you really give your health the adequate attention that it deserves. We seek for success from the very early stage of our life span and give too little attention to our health and Yet we appetite for a long and healthy life.

That is not how it works. If you want a healthy life then you have to remember health is wealth and adhere to some healthy habits that will benefit you in the long run.

Here’s My List Of These 10 Golden Rules For A Longer, Healthier Life.

Health is Wealth

1. Stick To A Healthy Diet

health is wealth

We are all familiar with the quote “We are what we eat” and this purported saying is actually accurate. The food we inhale plays a huge part in deciding our mood and health. Spicy or fast food will do your health no good instead it will exacerbate your health condition drastically. Eating toxic food is akin to putting chemicals in your body and these chemicals might taste delicious but will beset your health in the distant future while natural foods will impede chemicals from entering your body.So, if you really believe that health is wealth then stick to healthy foods like red or green vegetables and fruits. Exclude foods that have excessive amounts of fat from your daily diet and make a healthy diet plan and adhere to it for a longer, healthier life. Remember health is wealth.

2. Exercise Regularly

health is wealth

Here’s a beguiling fact, Do you know it’s been proven that Death rates regarding physical inactivity is higher than smoking related deaths. As shocking it may sound but it’s not the first caveat you’ve heard. You are fully aware of the dilemmas physical inactivity will lead you too but yet you’re marking the calendar everyday hoping tomorrow will be the day I’ll leave my beloved bed and exercise.Stop fooling yourself and garner the audacity to exercise regularly. If you want a longer and healthier life, Exercise has to be a part of it.So keeping in mind that health is wealth make a 20 minutes routine of walking, running or any short of exercise and make it a daily habit.

3. Get Adequate Sleep Regularly

“health is wealth”

It is already established and well known that sleep is cumulatively the solution to all our problems and intermittent sleep order won’t benefit you in  building a healthy life. So if you want a long and healthy life then plan a steady time period for your sleep and adhere to it at any cost.Daily adequate sleep will fulfil your health is wealth motto and will provide you with ample energy to live the rest of the day with audacityGet 7-8 hours of daily and unobtrusive sleep (at least 6 hours is mandatory ) and adhere to a dark and tranquil room for better sleeping experience.

4. Read Books

health is wealth

This one can come as a surprise to some but reading books on a daily basis can give more  benefits than you can envision. Now i don’t know the scientific behind these but reading books regularly can help you in a raft of ways. While we are familiar with the banal one like reading books strengthens your brain but what you don’t is that this habit can help reduce your stress, can alleviate your depression, increase your empathy and more it can help in lengthening your lifespan.So why don’t you stop wasting your time and get in the habit of reading 1 or 2 pages (at least) of your desired book regularly, health is wealth right?  Believe me,  this lucrative habit will change your whole lifestyle in a good manner.

5. Better Your Emotional Health (Health is Wealth)

health is wealth

People often mistake thinking that health is interrelated with physical appearance only but in real mental health is the main reason behind everyones woeful life condition in most cases. People suffer more mentally  than they do physically.Your emotional health plays a major role in lengthening your life span. So please take good care of yourself and look after your mental health. Don’t forget health is wealth.It is also proven that your mind is directly connected to your body. So daily exercise will mitigate your emotional health condition to some extent. So try to improve your physical health that will benefit your emotional health too.

6.  Avoid Stress

health is wealth

Daily stress can cause your health a tremendous amount of trauma. Too much stress can raise your cortisol levels and severely impair your metabolism. It can also increase fat in your stomach area and raise your risk of formidable diseases.So try to neglect stress from your daily life. Dwell into some exercise and also take morning walks and maybe try some meditation. Health is wealth, so Don’t let this skeevy stress cripple it.

7. Just Relax For A Second

health is wealth

While you’re rushing around all day, living your busy life, do you ever think of obliviating all these quanders for a second and just relax. Your body is trying to fight for your better health and your mind is in a war with all those redundant thoughts at every moment. So, why not reprieve your body and your mind from all these tensions and help it to relax for a bit.Sometimes it’s good to forget everything and just relax your mind and body for a while. Maybe look at the sky or look out of your window and make use of this precious life. Health is wealth so sometimes treat it  that way. Give yourself and your family some quality time often.

8. Spend Time Outside

health is wealth

Sunlight is the main source of vitamin d. More and more people are developing vitamin d deficiencies which results in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and also cognitive impairment in the elderly.Even if we exclude that spending time outside still benefits our physical and mental health in a raft of ways. So don’t lock yourself inside a room and explore the outside world.

9. Lift Things

health is wealth

Putting your muscle to use is extremely important in daily life. Your muscle plays a major role in deciding your outer appearance as well as it helps building that perfect body shape.That’s just a start, lifting weights  lowers your blood sugar and insulin levels and it also improves cholesterol. It also raises levels of testosterone and growth hormone, both associated with your welfare.

10. Health Is Wealth, So Don’t Let Toxic Things Cripple iIt

When it comes to longer and healthier life, detrimental things can’t be a part of it. Evading toxic stuff from your life is the first step towards a healthy life. Long and healthy life requires delicate attention towards your health and these toxic things are proven to be the main impediment on your way.

health is wealth

I am talking about drinking and smoking. While toxic things can come in many shapes in your life but the most imperatives ones are alcohol and tobacco. Both tobacco and alcohol can be highly addictive and can have protracted health ramifications. The effects of drinking and smoking include interpersonal problems and respiratory problems.  It can lead you to every dreadful trajectory including death So, exclude the bad habit of drinking and smoking if you are craving for a healthy and long life.

Follow these 10 golden rules and no one can stop you from having a longer and healthier life. Health is wealth, so treat it the same way you would treat your expenses. Your health is the most substantive treasure and it needs your complete attention. So, take of your health and follow these 10 golden rules for a longer and healthier life

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