10 Best Ways to Get Relief from Back Pain

Relief from back pain

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Back pain can be of different varieties, and people can suffer from it at different points in life. Regardless of what might have caused it or when it appears, this kind of pain can be a real pain to deal with.

back pain
back pain

Fortunately, there are different varieties of back pain treatment options available to keep things working for the sufferers. Some tips that can help you in getting back pain relief are as follows:

Getting Sufficient and Good Quality Sleep at Night

People who suffer from pain in their back are not able to sleep properly at night. However, not getting sufficient and good quality sleep can worsen the pain and inflammation.

So, what needs to be done is investing in a top-quality mattress. Also, you need to experiment with varied sleeping positions. This will help you in relieving pain to a considerable extent, even if you are not aware of your back pain common symptoms.

Indulging in Gentle Exercises

Many people are of the view that taking rest until the back pain subsides is one of the best ways to get rid of the discomfort experienced. But this is just a myth.

Taking a lot of rest can worsen the situation and decrease the strength of the muscles. Stretching and strengthening the muscles by indulging in gentle exercises can eliminate or reduce different varieties of back pain. Going for easy and slow walks can always help.

Maintaining Healthy Weight

Excessive bodyweight that you pull in the back throughout the day is bad news for the back. Often, individuals find much relief in their back pain condition only if they lose some bodyweight.

The results they get from losing weight are much more visible than what they got from trying thousands of medicines and vitamins. If you find it problematic to lose a few pounds, try consulting a personal trainer or dietician.

back pain from long sitting in computer
back pain from long sitting in computer

Body Work for Back Pain Relief

Doctors working on patients with back pain generally recommend bodywork of different varieties for getting instant relief. Bodywork is very important no matter in what form you practice it.

It can be physical therapy, osteopathy, or any type of body therapy.

yoga to reduce back pain
yoga to reduce back pain

Back Pain Treatment – Yoga

There is absolutely nothing that works like yoga for back pain relief. Yes, whether you are trying out upper back pain yoga or lower back pain yoga, it will work wonders in alleviating the pain and stiffness you are experiencing.

Yoga has therapeutic effects on individuals suffering from chronic back pain. It helps in lowering both upper and lower back pain by loosening the tight muscles and by building a range of movement and strength.

Yoga also helps in improving breathing conditions while focusing on relaxation that further relaxes the muscles and reduces pain perceptions.

Having Painkillers

Painkillers can prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to getting short-term relief from back pain. Over-the-counter medicines like NSAIDs and acetaminophen can help in alleviating pain.

But you should avoid having them regularly as they can cause side effects like liver and stomach problems. In the NSAIDs category, taking ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin can prove to be effective.

Natural Supplements for Back Pain

There are different home remedies for back pain relief, and these include both herbal therapies and supplements. Supplements like magnesium, calcium, and glucosamine sulfate can help in lessening back pain intensity and in improving the lumbar spine movement.

On the other hand, going for back pain treatment in homeopathy like using Bryonia or Arnica can prove to be effective in alleviating pain. Even topical treatments like the use of creams and gels can help without interfering with the medicines and supplements used.

Hot and Cold Therapies

Experimenting with hot and cold packs can make an individual feel better. Cold therapies like ice packs work better for swelling and inflammation. Hot packs like heating pads and warm water bottles are perfect for reducing cramping, muscle spasms, and tension.


Aquatic exercises practiced in therapeutic and warm pools can go a long way in eliminating chronic back pain. Water buoyancy helps in alleviating the stress of the joints, which further encourages gentle stretching and strengthening of the muscles.

Floating in water can be of good help in releasing the tension, increasing blood circulation, and relaxing the muscles. When taking whirlpool baths, target the jets of water directly on to your back for soothing massage and pain alleviation.

Electric Stimulation

Electric stimulation machines could be defined as small battery-powered devices that transfer low-voltage electric currents by the way if electrodes fastened to the skin. These machines are considered quite safe when it comes to eliminating back pain.

The Bottom Line

Getting hold of the ideal back pain relief procedure usually requires trying out different back pain treatment techniques as mentioned above. So, it is worth exploring varied approaches to see what works out best for back pain.

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