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7 surprising benefits of strength training for women

Kehinde Anjorin

“It also has to do with the sensations you experience when training your strength and lifting weights. You feel the power that transcends your workout and sets the tone for your day.”

Kehinde Anjorin

Strength coach

Strength training is beneficial for those who care about their health. Contrary to popular belief that only cardio is essential, strength programs have their own set of benefits. We tell you how they can transform your powers.

Experts define strength training as a physical activity designed to improve the muscles by training a single muscle group. 

The concept of strength and physical training is due to Eugen Sandow, who showed off his muscles from the end of the nineteenth century by performing on the streets.

Over the years, many scholars have explored this topic by devising training protocols to increase muscle strength and power in athletes.

benefits of strength training for women
benefits of strength training for women

We understand The concept of strength as a physical power when the strongest survives at the expense of the weakest. 

What is strength training?

Strength is the muscles’ ability to overcome external resistance through contraction and is closely linked to the characteristics of the muscles, which are different in each individual.

In any case, that can vary with strength training. We need to perform different exercise sessions to enhance maximum strength. 

Muscle hypertrophy is the process where muscles increase their mass and volume. If you perform an exercise, the elements present there, such as fibers and connective tissue, increase volume resulting in overall growth.

Is it possible as a woman to lose weight thanks to strength training?

It is essential to achieve a calorie deficit to lose weight. 

By exercising, you help the weight loss process by increasing your calorie consumption and maintaining muscle tone.

If you additionally do strength exercises, you signal to your body that it still needs to keep the muscles active and, in turn, counteract muscle loss. 

The consequence is that you lose weight, and your body is fitter and more toned.

What are the benefits of strength training for women?

Strength training is for you if you want to lose weight and get in shape. 

1. Improve the condition of the cardiovascular system

Recent studies evidence Strength training improves heart health just as much as cardio. 

In 2022, scientists from the American College of Cardiology found that strength training is better at reducing the risk of heart disease than cardio exercises, such as walking or cycling.

An international team of specialists led by Yanghui Liu published their findings in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. They showed that people who did at least one hour of strength training per week reduced their risk of heart attack or stroke by 40-70% compared to those who did not do it at all. 

Interestingly, this is true for perfectly healthy people and people with certain diseases.

2. Strengthen joints

With a gradual increase in the load in strength training, muscle mass builds up, and endurance increases. In addition, strength training has less impact on the joints than cardio. 

We can reduce the risk of injury to a minimum in any exercise on simulators or weights strengthens the body – subject to safety.

According to trainer Megan Roop, who works with model Elsa Hosk, many of the movements in strength training mimic the functional model of natural movements. 

It includes pushing a door, getting up from a chair, and bending over to pick something up. 

With this type of exercise, you maintain healthy joints in your knees, ankles, elbows, and shoulders and train your body, which later adapts and easily tolerates everyday stress.

3. Build and maintain muscle mass

While cardio is good for heart health, it can’t compete with strength training for muscle building. 

The former is not capable of producing such physiological changes as the latter. 

Of course, if you constantly run, your body will change, but in the case of strength training, the process will go faster, and the body’s endurance will increase.

This advantage is because strength training aims to increase weight load gradually. It signals your muscles to adapt and grow in size.

4. Reduce back pain

Strength training not only strengthens muscles but also increases bone density.

It reduces the risk of fractures and strengthens connective tissues. 

Loading with weights strengthens the spine and makes it strong. It also corrects terrible posture, strengthens the back and core, and prevents lower back pain.

According to fitness studio director Amanda Freeman, strength training is essential for menopausal women. 

At this time, Estrogen levels decrease, which leads to osteoporosis. It causes bones to become weak.

Combined with a proper diet and adequate calcium, strength training protects women from this condition.

5. Promote weight loss and control

Strength training speeds up your metabolism, and you can burn more calories and reduce body fat. 

When you lift weights, you build muscle. 

You burn the calories you get from food through exercise instead of storing them as excess energy stored in fat cells. 

If your goal is to lose weight and build muscle simultaneously, then strength training is the best solution.

Trainer Brittany Watts explains that strength training increases your oxygen uptake, meaning you burn more calories post-workout. 

We may refer to the afterburn effect, which can last from minutes to hours after a power load.

6. Improve mood and positively affect mental health

According to a meta-analysis of 33 clinical trials published in JAMA Psychiatry in 2018, strength training releases endorphins, improves mood, reduces pain, and reduces mental health. 

In addition, scientists note a significant reduction in symptoms of depression.

 After classes, the researcher noticed women feel more confident and capable of new things.

7. Make the body more athletic.

Strength training is most effective when used in conjunction with other aerobic exercises – those in which oxygen works as the primary energy for muscle activity. 

You’ll take it to the next level with running, swimming, and team sports.

Comprehensive programs that include strength exercises as a foundation increase flexibility, body shape, endurance, muscle mass, and joint strength. 

Turning to different types of physical activity will make your body stronger and your health stronger.

What are the best strength training exercises?

To get the most out of strength training, you need to perform complex movements involving more than one muscle group joint and not take very long breaks between sets. 

Combine four to five complex exercises for different body parts and perform them with minimal rest. 

It will increase your heart rate and give you aerobic benefits without traditional activities like running.

Sl NoName of ExerciseTimeFocus Area
1Shoulder Press50 sec, 3 setsLegs, shoulders, and core
2.Squat1 min 3 setsHips
3.Bicep Curl15 times, 3 setArm and biceps
4.Triceps Curl10 times, 3 setTriceps and Arm
5.Plank1 min, 3 setsFull Body
6.Bridge2 Min, 3 SetsGlutes and hamstring

A. Shoulder Press:

Shoulder Press
Shoulder Press

B. Squat


C. Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl
Bicep curl

D. Triceps Exercise

Triceps Curl
Triceps exercise

E. Plank


F. Bridge

bridge pose


If you train technically correctly and take care of the necessary rest, you will be able to build and maintain strength throughout your life to enjoy your favorite activities. 

According to experts, strength training is more effective than cardio in reducing the risks of all common age-related diseases.

It confirms a review in Frontiers in Physiology published in 2019 that regular practice of strength training will lead you to a happy and prosperous life. 

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