Best Fitness Exercises At Home

Fitness Exercises At Home

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Home is the place where we feel most comfortable. With the changing time, technical advancement, and health awareness, everyone is talking about staying fit. Fitness has become a part of everyone’s lifestyle.

In this era, everybody has become busy. Some people don’t have any time to go to the gym whereas, some people don’t like going to the gym. So, what now? Fitness Exercises at home seem to be the perfect solution. Working out and staying fit at home is not a bad idea. Working out daily at home makes it a part of your schedule and lifestyle. It doesn’t take any money to design an effective fitness program at home and follow it. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you can start working out at home and get some incredible results.

Fitness Exercises At Home

When you are starting to work out as a beginner at home there are 5 golden-rule steps to a proper fitness Exercise at home program. They are divided as follows:

  1. Warm Up– Before starting any workout, you should first warm up your body and muscles. By doing so you make your body ready for a workout. A warm-up can be as simple as a walk or some head, hand, and shoulder movements at a slow pace.
  2. Cardiovascular Workout– in this workout regime, you shall do some high-intensity workout such as jumping or aerobics. While working, your heart rate goes up and that needs to be monitored.
  3. Strength Training– these are exercises that are done for building the core of the body muscles.
  4. Flexibility– you can make your body flexible by doing some stretches, or yoga poses. It also helps in relaxing the muscles.
  5. Cool Down– this is the last step. This is done to relax the body and bring the heart rate down.

Getting Started-Fitness Exercise At Home

When you are working out at home follow some simple steps to get the best results. You should start the routine exercise slowly and then gradually increase the duration and intensity of the workout with each passing day. Always follow the correct method of doing it. Focus on the muscle on which are you are working. If you are doing abs make sure you feel the pressure at the right point and area. 

  • Keep your workout simple and convenient. It will be easy for you to remember it. If a simple workout is also done with correct postures, right intensity and with full motivation, it will give you great results.
  • Plan a fun workout. You will be able to enjoy it and more likely to do it.
  • Walking is the best form of exercise. Brisk walking helps in increasing your capacity. It also helps in increasing the capacity of an individual who is following a sedentary lifestyle. You can also make it difficult for you by carrying 2 pounds of dumb shells.
  • Make sure you exercise every single day. You should stay active every day. It is all about persistence.

Benefits of Fitness Exercises At Home

  • fitness Exercise at home is very affordable. You don’t have to pay for the monthly gym fees. You can do it at your home according to your convenience
  • You don’t have to follow any schedule. You can work out at any point in time
  • You can work out in your own space. You don’t have to feel conscious about other people working out around you.
  • It saves a lot of time. There is no traveling time involved
  • You can try new moves; scream it out, sing out loud. You are at your home in your privacy. Don’t feel embarrassed! Your mind and body will thank you!
  • You don’t need any equipment to start fitness exercises at home. 
  • You are educated about fitness exercises at home. 
  • You can try various types of fitness exercises at home

Tips For Fitness Exercises At Home

  • Challenge yourself to avoid boredom. You can browse through the internet, check videos, fitness magazines, etc to see the workout and make sure you are doing it correctly. 
  • Find a fitness partner. You won’t be able to find excuses and won’t miss the session.
  • Note down your progress and also any breakthroughs that you have achieved during your workout sessions.
  • Set targets that are logical and achievable. such losing 10 pounds for a race. Maybe you will not reach that goal immediately but gradually you will.
  • Give yourself some rewards when you reach your goal.

You can have a perfectly good fitness schedule at home, without using the types of equipment and by just using your body weight. You can do squats, planks, lunges, mountain climbers to name a few. With time you can increase the reps of each exercise, decrease the rest time between the sets. Another option is to use stairs instead of the lift. You should walk more instead of sitting or lying down. Try to do your work. You can follow a workout video. There are ample of videos available online that does not involve any equipment.

If you put a little effort and time then working out at home can be equally effective as going to the gym.

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