Does drinking alcohol really help you preventing Covid 19?

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Does drinking alcohol really help you preventing Covid 19? 1

So far, the total number of novel coronavirus cases have crossed 600,000, with more than 30,000 fatalities globally.

Researchers took only ten days to deliver the genome of the Covid 19. However, a vaccine cannot possibly be available soon as it has to go through various development and test cases.

The coronavirus creates respiratory ailment that varies from common colds to much more severe respiratory infections.

In fact, with the global surge and lack of vaccine to this date, people are following anything blindly to keep them safe from the deadly virus.

Some recommendations are truly helpful in this crisis, while some are better not to be believed. One such news is – Alcohol consumption can prevent you from this deadly virus.

Here we will learn everything about this fact.

Can Alcohol Combat Covid 19 CoronaVirus

A few days ago, there was speculation doing rounds on social media platforms that drinking alcohol is a way to secure yourself from Covid 19.

However, is this really true? Can you truly save yourself from getting infected after consuming alcohol?

Does drinking alcohol really help you preventing Covid 19? 2

Reality or Myth?

With a daily increase in coronavirus cases, people are panicking and believing all the goods and badsto save themselves from the pandemic.

Drinking can prevent you from this virus is also one of those trending beliefs. Alcohol consumption is already linked to several health disadvantages.

Furthermore, “drinking alcohol can save you from Covid 19” is also declared false by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Here’s what the global healthcare organization claims:

  • Your consumption of alcohol will not keep the virus away from you.
  • By spraying alcohol all over your body, you can’t destroy viruses that have as of now infiltrated into your body.
  • Even though alcohol is useful to disinfect surfaces, still proper limitations are necessary to use the substance. By spraying alcohol on clothes in a huge quantity will not just harm your garments but will also be hazardous for your mouth and eyes.
  • You can merely use alcohol-based hand sanitizer at a certain limit to keep them clean. It is the only practical way to protect yourself from the deadly infection.

Why is Alcohol Not Good for Your During This Epidemic?

There is an adverse connection between alcohol and your body’s immune system.

Drinking can harm your body’s general health that leads to consequences such as a weakened immune system.

Moreover, people with a weak immune system are more receptive to coronavirus.

However, having a glass of wine or a beer with meals sometimes is not a common concern though over-consumption can definitely result in severe issues.

Does drinking alcohol really help you preventing Covid 19? 3

When someone binge drinks, all the excess liquor will continue to store in your body and make you dizzy.

According to some studies, the consequence of acute binge drinking (especially of vodka) or chronic drinking boosts the number of bacteria in the body.

So, the immune responses impair your respiratory pathways due to alcohol. It can further weaken the cells lining your respiratory tract and the tiny small hairs known as cilia that support in clearing out the harmful material from your respiratory system.

It, as a result, develops the more chances of suffering from respiratory diseases. Further, the amount of white blood cells in your lungs and zinc also decreases, and inflammation risk increases.

As given on the NIAAA website about two drinks per day for men and about one drink a day for women can negatively influence your immune system.

The composition and functioning of your various immune system cells in the lungs and upper respiratory system got affected due to alcohol.

Any infection can get more critical due to the impaired immunity of the mucus in the lungs as well as the digestive tract.

Hence, the majority of alcoholics are susceptible to viral infections like flu, pneumonia, sepsis, and acute respiratory stress syndromes (ARDS).

These are the symptoms of coronavirus diseases, as well. So, no doubt, additional problems can occur due to these behaviors during the outbreak.

Best Way to Protect Yourself From Covid 19

You can only use hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60% alcohol to be safe from this virus that also when your hands are free of dirt.

The coronavirus is a contagious disease that mainly spreads from person-to-person.

Thus, social distancing and quarantine are other best approaches to secure oneself. In case you go out, always wear the face mask.

It is a respiratory disease, so maintaining about 6 feet of distance is a good move.

Does drinking alcohol really help you preventing Covid 19? 4

Also, do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose without washing your hands. Otherwise, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

How Did the Virus Originated?

The Covid-19 occurs when humans contract with animals. The virus spread from the seafood market of Wuhan, a city in Eastern China.

The novel coronavirus became endemic in the country with the reports of the number of pneumonia cases. The Wuhan seafood market was closed down for investigation and cleaning, though the coronavirus was already beginning to grow by then.

Even the city went into quarantine. Still, it is a worldwide pandemic today.

WHO, as of now, announced Covid 19 as a pandemic. The virus largely hit Italy, the US, the UK, and Spain after China.

The epidemic is burning itself out, creating chaos and turbulence among citizens, government, and health centers all across the world.

How Does Coronavirus Spread in Humans?

Does drinking alcohol really help you preventing Covid 19? 5

The virus causing this infection is termed as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (Sars-CoV-2).

This virus disperses when infected individual coughs or sneezes. These respiratory droplets scatter in the air and can land in the noses or mouths of nearby people who inhale them into the lungs.

The Bottomline

As discussed above, studies prove that excess drinking is terrible for your health. The debilitated immune system is the main factor known for people catching the coronavirus.

So, it is mainly a bad idea during coronavirus outbreak. Hence, do not believe that drinking alcohol is a preventive measure to save yourself from coronavirus pandemic.

It implies that liquor may not be a vital part of your life, and you enter into what you may call dry months ahead.

Do not consider the rumors rather follow the health guidelines advised by your doctor or mentioned on official health sites.

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