Coronavirus Outbreak Encroaches Global Boundaries With Terror

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Coronavirus originated from Wuhan Province of China is evidently spreading its wings. To this date, there are about 2,840 infected patients and 81 fatalities, as per officials of China. Chinese President Xi Jinping titled coronavirus outbreak as a “demon” that as per the state-run television network CCTV.

However, several cases from different parts of Asia and the rest of the world are coming into the spotlight too. The officials from all across the globe are already confirming the diagnosis of this virus.

Coronavirus Outbreak Encroaches Global Boundaries With Terror 1
Scientists checking Cronavirus

Influence of Epidemic in India

According to recent reports, with the death of a Thai national and one hospitalized in isolation in Kolkata, India is also supposedly facing the heat of the coronavirus outbreak. The assumption of virus reaching in the country persists because a few patients from three other cities showed symptoms like that of coronavirus. The patients under screening are from Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Patna. National Institute of Virology (NIV) is testing the samples of these patients.

Recently three people in Delhi who returned from China had respiratory illness symptoms. The Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital quarantined them over the suspicion of suffering from coronavirus. However, there is no confirmation that any of these cases are really the cases of deadly coronavirus.

Moreover, to prevent the contagious disease reach to the country, officials in India are screening airline passengers arriving from Chinese cities if they are infected. Till now, 33,552 people from 155 flights have gone through the virus screening process.

Coronavirus Outbreak in Rest of the World

Apart from India, there are a lot of cases confirmed from different parts of the world. It demonstrates an alarming widespread of this contagious Wuhan Virus, also known as a novel coronavirus (nCoV). The root of all these cases is from Wuhan city of China. Here is the report from various regions:

Coronavirus Outbreak in Asia

Thailand reported eight cases out of which five are stable and discharged, whereas three are still under treatment. One of the diagnosed patients returned from Wuhan, and others are Chinese nationals.

On Saturday, the fourth case of a man in his 40s is confirmed by Japan health authorities. The person visited Japan from Wuhan. However, he is in a good medical state now.

Malaysia also reported four cases of the same infection. The ailing individuals are Chinese nationals who entered here on holiday from Wuhan.

Australia confirmed five cases by now. All of the infected individuals reached here from the origin city of coronavirus- Wuhan. The patients are getting the necessary treatment in Sydney and Melbourne hospitals.

By far, Taiwan detected five medical cases of the people diagnosed with this Wuhan coronavirus.

Also, Singapore officials affirmed the fifth case of infectious disease. As usual, they also landed here from Hubei province.

The second case of this new virus is confirmed from Vietnam. Both the patients are of the same family – son got affected by his infected father, who traveled to Ho Chi Minh City from Wuhan.

Last week a 43-year old Chinese woman arrived in Sri Lanka as a tourist from Wuhan, who is recorded as the first case of coronavirus outbreak in this country. The woman is getting treated in a hospital near Colombo.

Coronavirus Outbreak Encroaches Global Boundaries With Terror 2
People taking safety measures from coronavirus

Coronavirus Outbreak in Western Countries

Meanwhile, the news also came from Canada of the first coronavirus infected man who recently returned from Wuhan. His wife is also under suspicion as she traveled with him.

In the US, five cases are under record; all of those patients arrived in the nation from Wuhan. Two cases are from California and one from Chicago, Arizona, and Washington state each.

Europe is likewise showing the signs of virus spread in its different countries. On Tuesday, Germany announced its first case from the southern Bavarian region. The patient got treated in a quarantine; however, he is stable now. Earlier, France confirmed coronavirus spread in the country as three cases came into the account.

Wrapping up…

With China linked to all the registered cases until now of this new virus, the country is taking stern actions to stop the epidemic. It closed the trade of wildlife in markets and restaurants in Wuhan city. Besides, China shut off flights as well as trains from its few infected cities. Millions of citizens, which comprises of nearly 200 Indians, from Wuhan and about 17 other Chinese cities are stranding, as all these regions are now under lockdown. The evacuation of foreign nationals from Hubei province is also under discussion with the Chinese authorities to ensure their safety.

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