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Skinny neck vs Thick neck : Which one is Better?

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First you need to measure in which category you fall whether it is thick or thin.


How To Measure Neck

Place the collar where it would generally lay on your neck just below your Adam's apple, and wrap the tape measure around your neck. It would help if you tried to avoid thrusting your chin or craning your neck. Instead of pressing down on the skin, the tape should be laid out gently on top of it. As a precaution, keep one finger under the tape measure. Just the right amount of force is needed to get an accurate reading, so don't pull too hard since it might produce undue stress.


It is necessary to hold the tape in a straight line rather than at an angle. If you measure the circumference of your neck without placing your fingers on each side of the measuring tape, the size of your dress shirt should be half an inch larger than that. If the circumference of your neck is 15 inches (38 cm), you should wear a dress shirt that has a neck circumference that measures 15 and a half inches (39 cm) (39.5 cm).


Guidelines for the Measurement.


By aligning it with a ruler or yardstick, you may use a piece of ribbon or thread instead of a measuring tape to get the measurement you need.

Place the shirt on a flat surface with the collar facing upward, and take a measurement that extends from the middle of the top collar button to the very end of the buttonhole for the head collar. This will provide you with an exact measurement of the size of the collar of a shirt that is appropriate for you and feels good around your neck.


skinny neck vs thick neck

A lot of people are self-conscious about having what seems to be a broad neck. This disorder may give us the unattractive image of being overweight or older than we are. Anyone, including men and women of all ages, is at risk of acquiring this condition, which can cause us to seem older than we are. The next essay goes into the reasons behind a double chin and the most up-to-date, non-invasive treatments for effectively lowering the amount of fat in the neck.

The necks of bodybuilders and other athletes who are comfortable in their skin tend to be thick and strong. It is a representation of one's power and might. Some people believe it should be included as an integral feature of an attractive and well-rounded physique.


There is no universally accepted description of what exactly makes a thick neck. In its place, it is judged on the individual's other physical qualities, such as height, weight, and build. You may want to do so for the same reason you would want to bulk up your neck if your body is already muscular. Specifically, this is because your body already has a lot of muscle. Some people seek a larger-than-average neck size for no other reason than its aesthetic benefits. They like its aesthetically pleasing appearance and believe it to be valuable.


However, there are also more realistic concerns to take into account. Your improved neck strength may be beneficial to the muscles of the trapezius and deltoids, for example. It's possible that having a particularly thick neck will shield you from the effects of stress, trauma, and the general aches and pains associated with daily neck use. Since the majority of sports need some kind of neck movement, maintaining health and strength is of utmost importance.

Comparison Between skinny neck vs thick neck


Thick Neck

Thin Neck


Looks Strong

Looks Normal


Looks Attractive

Normal Looks

Athletics Benefits

Not Beneficial


Neck Strength




Protects more

Normal Protection




This is because there are a lot of benefits that come with having a strong neck. If you have a strong neck, your head won't be able to whip about as much, which will lower your risk of receiving a concussion or being knocked unconscious. The impression that you're attempting to impress ladies, but alternative methods exist to achieve that goal.

The circumference of the neck of a male should be between 14 and 16 inches, while the circumference of a woman's neck should be between 12 and 13.5 inches. The length of the neck should not be too long or too wide; rather, it should fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. The form is required, which implies that it must be proportionately accurate.


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