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When It Comes To Our Health And The Treatment Of Diseases, Technology Has Had Effect?

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Our health is becoming more and more reliant on the use of technology. This has been especially prevalent in the treatment of diseases, with doctors designing new vaccines and pharmaceuticals with the aid of technology that would otherwise be impossible to do without it. Let's explore how we're becoming a society that is entirely dependent on medical technology!

Medical technology is used to improve our lives and keep us healthy. Innovation in medical technology has made things such as advanced surgical techniques, new pharmaceuticals, and even the rise of organ transplantation possible.

It's obvious that we can't live without medical technology these days. Hospitals would be at a loss with the equipment they provide just to properly diagnose patients. Having access to medical equipment has made it so much easier for us to detect problems with our bodies before they become terminal.

Take organ transplants, for example. Without medical advances, people would have to wait until their organs were badly damaged or they simply died of other causes before they could get a new heart or kidney. With the development of medical technology, it's possible for people to live longer because they can get transplanted organs when they are still healthy. This way, their bodies aren't overworked while trying to keep up with the pace of an organ that has basically aged decades in a span of months or years.

There are also new pharmaceuticals that have been made possible through the use of medical technology. One example is a vaccine that protects people from catching HIV, which was once a terrifying disease because there was no known cure and people were dying by the thousands. Thanks to medical advances, it's now possible for us to protect ourselves from this horrible disease.

While we can't live without technology in the medical field, it's also important to know that there are some negative effects of using it. For instance, doctors used to rely on their eyes and trained hands alone to diagnose illnesses. However, with the development of CT scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines, doctors now find themselves depending heavily on technology rather than their own observational skills. Some doctors worry that this problem creates an expectation in society that no matter what their ailment, they should be able to get it fixed with the use of medical technology.

Another issue is over-diagnosis. Computerized tomography (CT or CAT) scans can produce images so detailed that it looks like there's something wrong everywhere! But the results are only considered to be significant if they show something that can be described by a disease. Since doctors rely so much on medical technology to diagnose patients, it's easy for them to miss things when they look at the scans alone because they don't have enough experience in diagnosing with their own eyes.

Since medical technology has become more advanced, people tend to ignore the consequences when they do something that's bad for their health. For example, when using electronic equipment such as gadgets and phones, most people tend to forget that staring at them for extended periods of time is bad for the eyes. Without even realizing it, they develop problems like myopia or macular degeneration. People also tend to forget that smoking is bad for the lungs and causes a plethora of other health problems. While it's true that there are support groups or even medicine to help people quit smoking, they can't seem to stop because they don't see the consequences until it's too late.

Posted : 08/10/2021 8:30 am