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Telemedicine Safety Abortion Pill

Telemedicine Safety Abortion Pill: The Revolutionary Change in Women’s Health

Introduction Telemedicine has transformed healthcare by providing remote medical treatments via digital platforms. Telemedicine has helped remove obstacles to reproductive healthcare, including abortion treatment. The study examined 6,034 telehealth medication abortions from April 2021 to January 2022 in 20 states in three virtual clinics. Similar to in-person medication abortion trials, video and text sessions were…

Polypharmacy In Younger Age

Polypharmacy In Younger Age: The Shocking Truth about Polypharmacy!

Introduction The definition of polypharmacy may vary across different articles; however, it is commonly understood as the concurrent administration of multiple drugs to patients with chronic illnesses. Experts believe polypharmacy at a younger age is appropriate for children with life-threatening diseases. However, polypharmacy in younger ages has significantly increased hospitalizations, and yet there is still…