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4 Person Yoga Poses

Top Seven 4 Person Yoga Poses

Introduction There is not a wide variety of group yoga positions with four or more participants. Although, it’s hard to find pictures online showing 4 person yoga poses together. Yoga is a physically revitalizing therapeutic or healing exercise that also fosters a sense of trust, harmony, and cooperation amongst yoga partners. However, Acro yoga is…

Do push ups work your back

Do push ups work your back?

Push-ups are perhaps the most basic but effective bodyweight exercise. If you want to build muscle mass and get stronger, then push ups can be one of your best friends. There are many different types of push-ups and many ways to do them. And this means that not all push ups are created equal!  This…

Yoga to Reduce Depression

How 10 Minutes Yoga Poses can Reduce Depression

Depression is a deadly disorder that can have adverse effects on your health. Being a common disorder, you will find numerous remedies and treatments for handling depression. However, many studies have zeroed on yoga being an effective means of treatment for depression. Many studies have been conducted to establish a relationship between yoga and depression…