Banana Nutritional Value | It’s Importance In Your Diet

Banana Nutritional Value

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A food diverse in its nutritional value, health, and that add an exemplary value to the diet, is the banana.

Aside from being the nutritious snack fruit, banana provides potential health benefits.

Due to its high source in Vita B6, C, potassium, fiber, and various other phytonutrients and antioxidants, bananas are the essential crops on the planet.

Banana Nutritional Value

Banana Nutritional Value

One medium-sized banana, approximately100 grams, holds the following nutritional value:

•    75 percent of water

•    12.2 grams of sugar

•    0.3 grams of fat

•    1.1 grams of protein

•    2.6 grams of fiber

•    22.8 grams of carbs

•    22 calories

Presence Of Carbs

The banana fruit is a rich source of carbs.

While the unripe, green bananas contain 80 percent of starch and ripe bananas contain high sugar content.

Besides, bananas contain three significant types of sugar- fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

Yet another interesting nutritional fact about bananas is that they provide a low glycemic index (GI) due to the high starch and fiber content.

Presence Of Fiber

Due to the high starch content in bananas gets broken down into butyrate in the large intestine.

Besides butyrate, bananas also contain another type of fiber called pectin.

The combo effect of resistant starch and pectin moderates the low rise in the sugar levels after meals.

Presence Of Minerals And Vitamins

Minerals and Vitamins add essential value in food content, and banana bids a rich source of several minerals and vitamins.

Moreover, bananas also contain three other beneficial constituents- Vitamin B6, C, and Potassium.

•    The nutritional value of bananas is a rich source of Potassium levels. The consumption of banana regularly can lower blood pressure, especially those with elevated levels. Besides BO, the high potassium content in bananas also benefits heart health.

•    Like other veggies and fruits, banana is a rich source of Vitamin C. The presence of Vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant and also is vital for connective tissues, bones, teeth, etc.

•    Did you know that eating one can medium-sized banana provide almost 33 percent of the Daily Value of Vitamin B6? On regular consumption of bananas, the presence of Vitamin B6 may aid in treating and preventing chronic diseases.

Benefits Of Banana In Your Everyday Diet

High Content Of Fiber

The banana fruit contains both soluble and non-soluble fiber.

However, the soluble fiber content slows down digestion, thus keeping you full for hours.

Because of the presence of soluble fiber, it is crucial to consume bananas during breakfast.

The consumption of banana during breakfast provides enough energy that sustains you for a more extended period.

Eases Digestive Issues

According to the ayurvedic studies, like the two sides of a coin, banana has a sour and a sweet taste.

While the sweet taste is said to cause heaviness in the body, the bitter taste stimulates the digestive juices in the stomach.

The combo effect of banana leads to eases digestion and also assists in building the metabolic rate of the body.

A Healthy Heart

According to a study by the University of Leeds, UK, high fiver content foods are food for the heart.

By increasing your consumption of bananas, you lower the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).

Lowers Blood Pressure

Due to the presence of low sodium and high potassium content, the nutritional value of banana is ideal for those with high BP.

Those with high blood pressure must consult a doctor before modifying their prescribed diet.

Storehouse And Powerhouse Of Nutrients

Banana, generally, is a heavyweight fruit in terms of nutrition.

Due to its loaded minerals and vitamin content, regular consumption of banana keep you healthy with proper body functioning.

Aids The Fight Against Anemia

All of us know that Anemia is the lack of iron. Since bananas are a rich source from, doctors recommend Anemic people to eat regular bananas.

Those Anemic often suffer from shortness of breath, paleness, and fatigue.

However, the daily banana consumption boosts their energy level and iron content.

Rich Source Of Potassium

The presence of Known for its numerous health benefits, the high potassium content makes bananas a superfruit.

The presence of high potassium content in bananas keeps your brain alert, monitors your BP, and regulates your heartbeat.

  Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

The nutritional value of banana contains only 0.3mgs of fat.

Despite the low levels of fat, the low glycemic index levels in bananas cause weight gaining properties.

However, bananas contain several other features that help you lose weight.

The consumption of bananas with a balanced real food diet triggers weight loss properties in humans.

The Don’ts For Bananas

There are numerous ways to add banana in your diet.

Before discussing the inclusion, here are a few pointers you need to know about bananas.

•    The inception of lockdown due to COVID-19 has set a panic shopping spree among everyone. Before picking a banana bunch, you need to choose slightly form bananas as they last for about 4-5 days without spoiling.

•    Banana fruit, after a few days, tend to ripe quickly, leaving black-color peels. A smart choice to avoid food wastage during the global shut down is buying small amounts to easy fresh bananas.

•   Never store bananas in the refrigerator as the ripening enzymes get inhibited.

•    Finally, while panic buying, again pick the bunch without any blemishes or spots

Tips On Banana Based Diet

Here are a few useful tips on including a banana in your everyday diet.

•    Addition of sliced banana in your breakfast oatmeal or cereals for nutritious breakfast.

•    Addition of bananas for a smoothie

•    Make sure to carry a banana as a portable, healthy snack.

•    To achieve a natural sweetness, add mashed bananas to your cakes, cookies, and muffins.

•    Finally, use mashed ripe bananas over butter or oil while making baked goodies.

With banana hoarding humongous nutritional values, it is essential to include a banana in your everyday diet.

With the outbreak of the deadly pandemic, keeping one’s immunity healthy and to the point is essentials.

One must make sure to include lots of healthy fruits and veggies and banana being one of them.

Meta: Due to its high source in Vita B6, C, potassium, fiber, and various other phytonutrients and antioxidants, bananas are the essential crops on the planet.

Excerpt: Being called the superfruit, banana is indeed the most nutritious among fruits.

It’s versatile and multi-functional health benefits detangles many health problems in humans.

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