9 Health Problems Caused By Excessive Male Masturbation

9 Harmful effects of Male Masturbation

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 As soon as puberty starts in boys, that is the period of hormonal changes in the body, the boys feel aroused due to the change in certain hormones. There comes a situation when the penis, which is the main male sex organ tends to get harder, erect and so needs some sort of rubbing and stroking. At this point of time, starts the masturbation in men.

9 bad effects of Male Masturbation
Male Masturbation-know everything about it before you do

Here the boys, start to feel their orgasm, and not every time they masturbate they feel it, cannot be said. There also arises a feeling of pleasure as the guys masturbate, and such a feeling cannot be expressed in words, maybe it relieves stress and anxiety in men.

There is a myth or you can say lack of understanding between having sex or masturbating, that both are good to health as the men say, but as per our research, sex is good and masturbating is not. As in there are different reactions by your body when you have sex or masturbate as there is a difference in the semen released by both the activities.

We don’t actually comment upon it’s been healthy or unsafe, we here just mean to educate you that you should always understand the pros and cons of things and then indulge in.

How do men Masturbate?

The procedure that the men follow to masturbate is also different as in a few masturbate when they move their foreskin up and down, while others lubricate the penis first, so as to make it slippery and then shake it. As soon as the end level is reached, there releases the semen.

Response of the guys after masturbation…

After masturbation, the boys feel their orgasm and they express it as full of pleasure but a few say they have felt it in their scrotum and the genital portion whereas others comment it as a feeling of sensation in various body parts. Their breathing rate also increases and many of them produce different sounds too after the orgasm is felt.

Well,’ below you are going to have a glimpse of the excessive masturbation health problem, masturbation bad effects, problems of excessive masturbation, and much more.

9 Health problems caused by excessive male masturbation

1.Skin Irritation

There surely can arise the problem of skin irritation when the men masturbate by harshly and forcefully pushing the penis up and down that is basically erect in position, as a result, the chambers that are filled with blood and prone to get ruptured, hence causing skin irritation in your pubic area.

2.Discoloration in penis

While you masturbate with the lure of pleasure you forget it may cause harm to your penis too. Our research shows that masturbation causes discoloration in the penis turning it purple and swollen just as the brinjal looks. How weird, the situation would be if your penis turns horrible? As a result, you will have to undergo surgery to get it mended.

3.Disrupted life

9 Harmful effects of Male Masturbation
Distorted Relationship is one of the consequence of Male Masturbation

Masturbation is a forceful activity that you do in place of sex, but the reality is you cannot replace sex with masturbation. There might arise a situation, where you can have to give up on sex, it may surely cause disruption in your life as if you are married and ignore your partner, for masturbation, consequence you know better!

4.Harms Mental Health

Hazards of Male Masturbation
Ill Mental Health, hope you are masturbating

When you get addicted to masturbation, you get so fond of it that whenever you get time and place for yourself, you tend to masturbate. It is a kind of craving that develops slowly and steadily and later becomes a necessity. Thus, as a result, you stop getting out as you have an ardent desire to masturbate, hence you stop being social ultimately, as a result, your mental health is affected and so this is the point where you actually would need a doctor.

5.You get Guilty

There are a few religions that consider masturbation as immoral, unethical, spiritually, and culturally bad. So the men of those religions, who masturbate really feel offended and are miss treated when it comes out that they masturbate or even if they discuss it. There also starts an inner guilt, if you start feeling masturbating bad as a point of view of your religious belief.

6.Reduced sexual sensitivity

If a man, who masturbates a lot, say a couple of times in a day, will surely feel low at the time of having sex with his partner because of reduced sexual sensitivity, as the penis also needs some hours to recharge itself and then perform its function. Thus the reduced sensitivity is a problem here.

7.Reduces concentration level and sincerity

As the individual tends to masturbate frequently and gets addicted to masturbation, he may lack sincerity towards his work in his professional career causing a downfall there. If the one who masturbates is a student, will surely miss his school homework or some other important event of which he should be a part of. This also brings out a low level of concentration in an individual turning him out to be a careless creature.

8.Loss of Hair

9 Bad effects of Male Masturbation
Hair Loss due to excess masturbation

The latest research, from the medical department, has come up with one more health hazard of masturbation and that is your hair tends to fall while you masturbate in excess. A very common result that can be observed in just a few days of excessive masturbation, so now if you wish to look bald in the near future continue masturbation.

9.Turns out to be a Habit

It is a very deadly addiction, just as gambling. Once you start it is seriously very difficult to get rid out of it. You might reach a point, where you have masturbated a lot and lack of time or more involvement somewhere, you find the lesser need of masturbation but as you have been doing it for long, will sooner develop into a habit that you will now leave with great difficulty, will force you to masturbate now.


We have already researched a lot before presenting you this piece of information that has exhibited excessive masturbation health problems. Now, it is your term to understand and stop this.

In order to get rid of masturbation, or to reduce it in daily life the foremost thing you can start with is:

  • Say no to pornography: Make it a habit to watch good images and movies but seriously say no to pornography at this right time.
  • Visit a doctor: If intentionally, you wish to stop masturbation but due to addiction, you are not able to do so, straight away go and visit the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Go for an outing, is again a better idea wherein you can explore nature, meet new people and relieve stress. This is a better option rather than going for this deadly masturbation.
  • If you feel the ardent desire to masturbate, go out for running or jogging it will automatically balance your mind and body.

Masturbation is a natural process and need of your body, you can do it but not in excess. There is nothing in life that can last longer, if it is masturbation, will lead to disaster in your body so it is better to understand timely that excess of everything is seriously harmful.

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