8 Simple Ways to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis can be defined as a group of degenerative and painful conditions marked by joint inflammation resulting in pain and stiffness. Arthritis pain can get worse as a person ages.

It generally occurs due to excessive wear and tear over the years. Traditionally, arthritis pain relief is possible through painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines. Nevertheless, some medicines can result in side effects.

Therefore, getting relief from arthritis pain naturally is fast getting popular among the sufferers. Arthritis pain Ayurvedic medicine is used on a wide scale for the treatment of the disease.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consult a physician before trying any treatment. Here, we will be having a look at the eight ways in which arthritis pain can be relieved

Aquatic Exercises for Arthritis Pain

Such exercises go a long way in relieving pressure on the joints. They are highly beneficial for individuals who have arthritis. This is because water offers resistance, and this further helps in increasing workout intensity.

Water also offers buoyancy that helps in supporting body weight, thus relieving pressure on the joints. Aquatic workouts can help in reducing body fat; improving coordination; improving quality and mood of life and in improving the range of movements.

Forty to sixty minutes of continuous water exercise three times during the week can offer relief from arthritis pain.

Weight Loss

The weight of your body can have a significant effect on the pain of arthritis. Excessive body weight can put a lot of pressure on the joints, and this goes special for the feet, hips and knees.

Thus, losing weight is essential for reducing pressure on the joints and for improving mobility. It will automatically decrease pain and even prevent any future damages to the joints.

Pain in leg
Pain in leg


Even arthritis pain relief medicine will not be able to provide the results you get from yoga. Yes, Iyengar yoga, which is a special type of yoga with a focus on proper anatomical alignment, can help in relieving inflammation and tension.

This form of yoga advocates the use of different props for supporting the body. It not only helps in relieving the pain caused due to arthritis but even improves the health and life quality of an individual.

Cold and Hot Therapy

Cold and hot treatments are also effective when it comes to relieving the pain of arthritis. Warm and long baths or showers in the morning can help in easing joint stiffness.

You also have the option of using moist heating pads or electric blankets at night for keeping the joints loose. Even cold treatments can help in relieving inflammation, swelling and joint pain.

Leg joints
Leg joints


It is an old Chinese treatment involving the insertion of needles in specific points of the body. The treatment helps in restoring balance and rerouting energies in the body. It can reduce arthritis pain to a considerable extent.

Mindfulness Meditation for Arthritis Pain Relief

This kind of meditation involves practicing mindfulness. People undertaking this form of meditation try to have their focus on different feelings and even the experiences their body is having at a given moment.

MBSR or mindfulness-based stress reduction is a program that makes the effective use of mindfulness for helping individuals manage stress and pain. Both these situations can deteriorate the immune system.

People who practice MBSR regularly generally get instant relief from morning stiffness, swollen and tender joints, and pain.

Include Fatty Acids in Regular Diet

The human body requires omega-3 fatty acids in the right proportions and the right quality for proper health. Such fatty acids help in relieving pain caused due to arthritis.

The best way of including these fats in your regular diet is by consuming fish oil supplements. These help in reducing joint pain and toughness. Gamma-linolenic acid is yet another beneficial fatty acid that helps with arthritis pain.

It can easily be found in the seeds of plants like black currants, hemp, primrose, and borage. You can even buy such supplements from the market, but then you will have to consult with your physician before taking them.

8 Simple Ways to Get Relief from Arthritis Pain 1

Include a Lot of Turmeric in Different Dishes

This magical yellow spice contains Curcumin, a chemical that might be of good help in reducing arthritis pain. It comes loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that can surprisingly bring about a reduction in joint stress, stiffness, and inflammation.

The Bottom Line

Using proper medicines, along with home remedies, can lead to arthritis pain relief. They also help in increasing mobility and reducing arthritis pain. Do not try to do everything at a time. Incorporate the ways mentioned above slowly and with time, you will see the result.

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