12 Easy Tips To Maintain Posture While Working From Home

posture while working from home

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With the ongoing pandemic, as governments have locked down countries, companies have made “work from home” a temporary solution. They have replaced the office going policies to working from home, to maintain social distancing and safety. With the new trend of working from home, it is important to keep in mind how it will affect your daily habits and health.

In the ongoing “work from home” scenario, it is difficult to find the perfect workstation that corporate offices provide. We end up lounging at any space in our home. This not only catalyzes our laziness but also ends up harming our spine.

As we work from the comfort of home, we seem to slouch more and look like a couch potato. However, these habits will affect in the long run, with back pains and other problems. Thus, even while working from home, we need to keep a check on our posture and the health of our spine.

A research shows that long periods of maintaining wrong posture can badly affect your spine and can cause spinal or musculoskeletal disease.

Here Are Easy Tips To Help You Maintain The Correct Posture, And Keep Your Backbone Straight.

posture while working from home

1-Listen To Your Body To Correct Your Posture

Whether you are working on the couch, on a desk or in bed, keep checking on the signs given by your body. Your body will always send warning signals of its discomfort. You should never let your spine feel an extra strain while you are working. A slight adjustment can go a long way.

2-Know The Right Angles To Maintain Correct Posture

posture while working from home

The angles between your arms and keyboard and between your eyes and screen, play an important role in maintaining the correct posture. To maintain a proper posture you need to maintain a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and forearm. Moreover, the centre of your laptop screen should be placed at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees below your eye level.

3-Making “S” With The Spine Is The Right Posture

When you slouch while working, your spine takes the shape of a “C”. This puts an extra pressure on your lower back which can later bother you, in the form of back aches. You can easily make an “S” while sitting on a chair. You simply need to push your lower body to touch the back of the chair and keep your upper body straight. This is the correct and healthy posture.

4-Get Up And Walk Around Often To Keep A Track On Your Posture

posture while working from home

Even when you are comfortable with pillows and cushions, or too set in your chair to move, it is necessary to get up and walk around after every 40 minutes. Sitting in a single position for more than an hour is harmful for your spine as it puts excessive strain on the back. Moreover, after walking around and returning to your position, it reminds you to correct your sitting posture

5-Move Your Eyes, Not Your Neck For Less Strain On Your Posture

When working on the laptop, or with the phone, most people have the habit of tilting their heads towards the device. This changes the “S” shape of your spine, and the continuous up and down movement of the neck affects your posture. Thus eye movement is always better and reduces wasted movement.

6-Avoid Sitting On The Bed For Maintaining The Right Posture

posture while working from home

A bed is softer than the surface of a chair. This might be more comfortable, but is not good for your spinal health. Sitting on the bed puts more pressure on your lower back and hence, needs to be avoided. Incase, there is no other option, you must use a bed table to maintain your straight posture.

7-Do Not Cross Your Legs, As It Affects The Posture

posture while working from home

When you cross your legs, while sitting on a chair, it tends to make you slouch more. This messes with the “S” formation of your spine and makes it the unhealthy “C”. This creates an extra strain, leading to back pain.

8-Keep Your Feet On The Floor For Perfect Posture

Find the suitable chair, and check whether your feet touches the floor. Letting your feet hang in the air can lead to cramps and numbness. Essentially, an angle of 90 degrees should be maintained between your thighs and lower leg. This helps in holding yourself up and keeping a straight posture for your body. This is healthy for your backbone.

9-Take The Help Of A Cushion To Maintain Posture

If you are unable to maintain the right posture, and keep your body straight, take the help of a cushion. This will facilitate sitting in the right posture, by giving you a back support. You should take a small cushion and place it behind your back. 

10-Use A Laptop Stand

posture while working from home

Generally people place the laptop below the eye level, this leads to frequent movement of the neck and also affects your eye sight. Maintaining the correct angle not only helps in less strain on the back but also reduces the strain on your eyes. Thus one should always use a laptop stand, to elevate its position and maintain the correct posture.

11-Keep Everything Within Arm’s Reach

Make sure you have your necessary stationaries within your arms reach, so that you can grab it at once without having to stretch. Unnecessary and uncontrolled stretching can lead to muscle injuries and excessive strain.

12-Be Conscious Of Your Posture

posture while working from home

Last but not the least, you should be conscious of your posture. Part of the work for maintaining the correct posture is already done if you can keep it in your mind as a task to be done. Research says after 15 minutes of sitting or standing in the same place, most people start to slouch. Check in with yourself often to feel how your body is positioned and readjust if needed.

The lockdown during this situation has made us captives inside our homes. However, this does not mean that we can allow our spine to suffer, as one day the sun will rise and we will be able to move freely again. Thus, one needs to keep in mind the keys to a good posture, to avoid repercussions and smooth shift to normal life once this is over.

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