10 Tips to Reduce Addiction of Prolonged Mobile Phone Use

Mobile Prolonged Addiction

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Smartphones are pretty amazing and an excellent reflection of technology. Somebody said it right, if technology is used in limits, it is a boon and if exploited it becomes a bane.

The same is the case with the Smartphone. If we use them excessively, they become scary. You will be shocked to know that smartphones may spoil your mental and physical state.

As in one cannot escape the drug addiction, same is with smartphone addiction.

It is the addiction that we all are carrying on our fingertips. Well,’ we being Indians are focusing on the Foreign culture from education to our working styles. Education has progressed a lot but has to a certain extent brought addiction in our youth. We be on our work, are so prone to distraction that as per research, we explore into our mobile phones 3165 times a day.

The Era of our grandparents was the best where life relations were worshipped and now that is neglected. When we are out at parties or family gatherings, rather than creating memories we focus on our so called toy-the Smartphone.

Humans are so prone to distraction that they actually forget the real purpose of things be it smartphones, whose actual purpose is to interact when needed but what all we do is not hidden.

People have lost their lives, being a cell phone addict. What else do we need to prove to prove that excess of everything is bad.

Seeing, the excess usage of mobile phones because of the extra added features of camera, Gps, etc. we have decided to open up your eyes to lessen your time on the mobile phones and utilize it in the real-time tasks.

Ways to reduce the addiction of prolonged mobile phone use

1. Explore the nature

10 Tips to Reduce Addiction of Prolonged Mobile Phone Use 1

It is the right time where you have to realize that excessive use of mobile phone can ruin your career, so use it only for conversations and else go out feel the fresh air, explore nature rather than just being in your bed with your mobile phones.

2. Enroll in your Hobby

10 Tips to Reduce Addiction of Prolonged Mobile Phone Use 2
A very beautiful way to relieve Mobile Addiction

Everyone amongst us has a hobby, from a child who likes to paint to a mother who loves to cook. One should always inculcate hobbies and spend free time doing and learning what one adores. This not only relieves your stress but also keeps you away from scrolling into phones 24 by 7.

3. Limit Scrolling

It is important to own a mobile phone these days but at least one should know the serious effects of excess usage. So we advise you to limit the scrolling on the mobile phone. One can start with doing for half of the time than you actually do. It is clear that one gets used to social networking sites and hence undue scrolling leads to killing the precious time that waits for none.

Excess of applications in the phone also tend you scroll more, delete the ones that are not seriously needed.

4. Go for exercise

I guess one likes to keep fit. If you owe good health, you owe millions. So we advise you to join some fitness classes be it Zumba, yoga, dance, or gym. It is the best place dear friends to give time to your own self. The best ever place for your body to heal. So don’t just sit with your cell phone and beat time rather utilize it in loving your body.

5. Create Memories

It is seen, that while having lunch, we use cell phones. Despite our parents and grandparents keep telling us not to do so but I think many of us deny what they say. You should eat your meals peacefully, as all you are into is for food. Respect it and eat it. So better, you keep your cell phones away while you have your food.

It is seen that while you are at family gatherings or sitting with guests at home, be it unintentionally, you are on your phones only. Give everyone the time one deserves and create lavish memories with your loved ones. Limit your phone usage then.

6. Use Physical Devices

10 Tips to Reduce Addiction of Prolonged Mobile Phone Use 3

I  agree the amazing features of the Smart Phones lure your attention, the makers of phones are rewarded too for this great add on feature work. But it seriously does harm to us, as we get addicted. But as this is a crazy tip to use Physical devices to reduce usage on the smartphone.

As in you can purchase an alarm clock and set the alarm there, so you will need not spend time on your mobile. You can even buy a Camera, instead of using a phone, and click random amazing pictures. Many people across the world have Photography as their hobby.

7. Involve Friends and Parents

10 Tips to Reduce Addiction of Prolonged Mobile Phone Use 4
Talk to your friends, in their physical presence and seek suggestions wherever needed

It is often seen that people like me, check for every information on the Google Guru, that can be asked from friends and Parents. Well,’ they would feel privileged and helpful to you. So you can stop exploring for everything on the internet from your smartphone and rather take physical advice. This will surely cut down your time on the Smartphone.

8. Turn-Off Notifications

You can turn off your notifications so that you can actually focus on something that is really very important. This will help you get rid of your addiction to a certain extent as you won’t peep into for phone far and again.

9. Omit usage during sleep

While you are to go to sleep keep your phone aside as it is really ill for your health to explore over the phone before sleep. Relax time must never be compromised.

10. Focus on work

10 Tips to Reduce Addiction of Prolonged Mobile Phone Use 5
Leave your Mobiles, focus on the work you do to Succeed

Focus on the most important thing of your life that is the work that you do. If you are a student, your foremost task is to focus on your studies and if you are a professional, then your most important duty is to focus on your task as it is only going to ripe fruit for you. Worship your work and don’t ever get distracted because of the excessive usage of phone ff you want to really see yourself doing wonders in life.

Take our words seriously and sit alone and think whether you are the one who is addicted to the Phone. If yes, use the above-mentioned ways to reduce this deadly addiction. We are only advising you to minimize it not to completely ban it. Remember excess of everything does only harm.

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