10 Mental Health Illness Signs You Should Not Ignore

mental health

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In this world full of social media connectivity and distance defined by second, somehow we have drifted apart from our inner selves. When we peak into other peoples lives and see all the glittery dust on their name, it can lead to low self-esteem and other problems which causes mental health  illness. Having a mental condition is not something to be ashamed of; our Indian mental health act states one can hide their mental status if they wish to do so.

mental health

These are the Ten signs of mental health illness you shouldn’t ignore. There are many mental health awareness campaigns and national mental health programmes which can be considered, but the first step is to recognize it.

Ten Signs Of Mental Health Illness You Shouldn’t Ignore


Sadness is a ubiquitous thing in one’s life. Most of us feel sad and depressed at some point in our life, but that lasts for a specified period. Sadness and depression is just a phase, but if it lasts continuously for more than two weeks without any substantial reason, you might want to consult a mental health expert


According to the American Psychiatric Association, any sadness which is intense and abnormally suffocating and lasts more than two weeks can be a very lucid sign of depression and shouldn’t be ignored. Any sadness which feels more cumbersome than usual should be considered severe if you are not able to snap out of it, according to the National Institute of Mental health.

Aloof Behaviour

Someone must spend time with themselves. And it is very positive for your mental and physical health as well. But if you find yourself avoiding most social conventions, what you used to enjoy before can be a sign of depression or anxiety leading to psychotic disorder. Trying to get away from society or staying aloof all day at your bed can be severe and can increase the chances of being mentally ill.

Aloof behaviour

Extreme Mood Swings

We frequently blame our hormones for extreme mood Swings. Sometimes even refer to it as PMSing when it comes to women. But having intense mood swings which fluctuate within seconds is something more than just hormones. According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information and CVI, positive reinforcement is more common than negative ones.

Extreme Mood Swings

But having intense mood swings which fluctuate within seconds is something more than just hormones. According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information and CVI, positive reinforcement is more common than negative ones. People are more responsive to positive feelings like joy or happiness than sadness.

But fluctuations of mood are frequent throughout the day. But according to the National Alliance of Mentally I’ll, states a massive change in energy and dramatical shift in behaviour and spirit are a considerable sign of the bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder symptoms according to the Agency of American Academy of Pediatrics are feeling extreme euphoria throughout the day without reason or any context of happenings in life or sadness, anger etc.

Hallucinations And Delusions

Hallucinations and delusions are the two aspects of psychosis. A person experiencing it can have a sense of urgency through their perception and beliefs. Though they know that their knowledge or understanding is vague, they still believe it to be true. According to the National Alliance of Mentally Ill, more people experience psychosis in a year than we can imagine. As a symptom of physical or mental illness, three out of 100 people face episodes of psychosis in their lifetime like schizophrenia.

 Hallucinations and delusions

Out of Control Anxiety And Worry

Considering the research of National Institutes of Mental health, if you are facing extreme stress throughout the day and couldn’t distract yourself, you might be facing anxiety disorder. You might want to check the list if you are facing insomnia, racing thoughts or having problems relaxing in this case. If this continues for more than six months, you might want to seek professional help.


Too Much Sleep Or No Sleep At All

According to the Harvard university school of medicine, 10-18% of the population face trouble sleeping. But they also stated that one signoff mental illness could be sleeping too much or too little. Hypersomnia or insomnia is shared with 50% of the patients of ADHD.


Difficulty In Functioning In Daily Life

Being messy or clumsy isn’t a disorder. But if you have faced something when nothing seems to go right. Like you are always forgetting, or being clumsy more than usual so and so that it is difficult to function, you might be facing depression. This can also refer to not being able to concentrate or function in a healthy life. According to the Australian Department of Health if you are facing such a rough patch in your life from more than two weeks to 2 months, and you can’t get past it, and it is hurting your ability to function It is a sign of Depression anxiety.

Daily life

Bad Gut Health

Bad gut health can include extreme stomach pain or chronic pains, indigestion or acidity. Recurring happenings of such occurrence may lead to ulcers or other health complications. Your gut is the first gauge of your mental health. The primary reasons for lousy gut health can be too much stress or anxiety. People with depression and other psychiatric disorders often experience such extreme chronic pain and gut problems.

Bad gut health

Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol

One in every four patients of mental illness uses alcohol or drugs to get past their weaknesses of anger, anxiety or mania. Patients who have schizophrenia, depression, personality disorders or anxiety use alcohol as a self coping mechanism.

Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol

Repetitive Behaviour Or Tics.

Talking too fast, biting nails or tapping the foot is a persistent sign of anxiety or stress. If this is more repetitive than usual, or someone, if they are feeling restless or uncomfortable or having extreme emotional panic attacks throughout the day, seeking professional help, should be considered. This can be a symptom of psychomotor agitation.

Repetitive Behaviour Or Tics.

Wrapping Up

Young people and mental health in a changing world are more common in today’s world. There are many mental health services in India as well as mental health law in India which can help an individual come out of their zone and take medical advice and help as required by them. Privacy and encryption of their personal information are given priority according to the mental health law in India.

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